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Introducing Project TUBE

With the revolutionary concept of minting sdNFTs for video and movies, Galactix Zone offers individuals and studios the incredible opportunity to create their own sdNFT Tube. This groundbreaking initiative brings forth a new era of collaboration, empowering studios, aspiring videographers, and the entire community. Early Access gives you direct access to the Galactix Zone team to help shape these projects during the alpha and beta phases. To participate in the launch of Project TUBE, here are the three key requirements:

  1. Whitelist and Presale Opportunity: Secure your exclusive spot by joining the Whitelist and Presale of the Galactix Zone Token. This limited opportunity grants you early access to the platform's features and benefits, ensuring you're at the forefront of the sdNFT revolution in the world of video and movies.
  2. Token Holding Requirement: To be eligible for early access and special privileges, a minimum holding of 23,000 GXZ tokens is required. This token threshold guarantees a committed and engaged community that will shape the success of Project TUBE.
  3. Early Access to sdNFT Minting: As a GXZ token holder meeting the minimum requirement, you gain early access to the platform's sdNFT minting feature. This means you can be among the first to mint your own sdNFT Tube, harnessing the power of this transformative technology.
Utilize Project Tube For The Following:

Project TUBE goes beyond traditional streaming platforms and physical media like DVDs. Studios and creators can finally have real-time insights into the activity of their movies and videos, directly engaging with their users. It's a win-win situation for all. Studios can send exclusive offerings and special rewards to sdNFT holders, while actors can provide certified minted sdNFT signatures as a unique experience for their fans. Additionally, independent directors can build thriving communities, fostering engagement and receiving valuable feedback from their dedicated followers. Join us on this exhilarating journey with Project TUBE. Stay tuned for updates and instructions on how to secure your spot in this groundbreaking platform. Together, let's shape the future of video and movies by leveraging the power of sdNFTs and community collaboration.

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Project Tube sdNFT Video
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Project League sdNFT Collaboration
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Project Mirror sdNFT DiD
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Project Tune sdNFT Audio
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Project Auth sdNFT Signature