Galactix Zone – Fun, Innovation, Technology, Sustainability (FITS)

1. Can you introduce the project?     

Galactix Zone is Intergalactic Social Media’s first project, with more to come. It aims to rectify certain issues and experiences in the NFT market. By focusing on dynamic NFT (dNFT) technology, we prefer to think of our dNFT as a living, breathing entity, with synergistic integration and utility; it’s part of our dNFT DNA. The project aims to bring genuine innovation and fun to the dNFT game.


In addition, we’re also pioneering a new concept called Synergetic Dynamic NFT (sdNFT). This mechanism allows our users to combine their dynamic NFTs into a new NFT that carries over various properties that’s unique to them; truly creating a new dimension to the dynamic aspect of NFT.

2. What is the vision and mission of the project?

Four words: fun, innovation, technology, and sustainability (FITS) is our focus. That’s another part of our DNA.

3. What motivated you to start this project?

As crypto investors who believe in blockchain’s decentralization, like many of our investors, we have been burned by bad actors.


The founders decided to no longer wait for others to do it and instead decided to start Intergalactic Social Media and launch Galactix Zone to bring confidence and innovation to dNFT space with our mission of FITS – fun, innovation, technology, and sustainability.

4. Explain how this project is different from other NFT projects on the market right now.

The founder’s model is simple: As a start-up, they looked at the NFT and NFT game space and asked a few simple questions: 


What are we going to bring to the table that’s different than everyone else?
NFT Games are based off static images with a game being the afterthought. How can we be different?


The only way is through fun, innovation, technology, and sustainability (FITS), which is our business model. 

5. What do you think will help the project succeed in the future?

It’s the synergistic collaboration of the core team members, volunteers, and the community we are building.

6. Why do you set your presale percent so high? Is a 50% presale a bit too big?

Not at all, 50% is not too big; it gives confidence to an investor that the project has a community base in mind, not just the founders.

7. How can I buy tokens or NFT?


8. What is the anti-inflation mechanism?

We will explain that later in the project in our burn mechanism.

9. In the long term, is the project focused on NFTs or games?

We will be focusing on building our IP into the ecosystem. We aim to be the leading dNFT game and tech company in the industry. What you see is just the tip of the iceberg. 

10. If it’s a game, what makes it different from other game projects, what is the play-to-earn mechanism?

In due time, we will reveal our plan, but for the project, we are focused on the dNFT, and we aim to be ahead of the pack. One thing we can tell the community is that the majority of the team members are lifelong gamers themselves.


The dNFT’s focus will be on multiple IPs that can be used back and forth between universes of our Ips. Having characters go back and forth between game IPs is a novel experience for gamers in general. 

11. Who are our strategic partners and investors?

We work with some proprietary ideas and a technology base; we prefer to keep things focused on the project and the community.

12. What benefits do we get from those relationships?

If we do any kind of partnership, it will have to benefit the team and our community first.

13. And do we have any plans to leverage these partnerships? 

Again, any kind of partnership must mutually benefit us and the community.

14. How does Galactix Zone plan to show users that the project is real and stop it from looking like fraud or a failure to deliver? Update: We are Silver Certified and number 1 GEO RISK rating. Read more about it on Certik.

Certik, one of the best blockchain auditors in the business, is currently checking our smart contracts and Team KYC. While there may be some setbacks on our path to victory – we plan to deliver; failure is not an option.

15. Why did you choose the name “Galactix Zone”? Does it have any special meaning?

It’s our IP Multiverse’s birthplace, and our CTO loves astronomy, science, sci-fi, and tech.

16. What are your plans for the next 6 months and 12 months for listing on exchanges? And which one?

After token launch and dNFT, our focus will be community engagement, the game and exchanges.

17. How can I get whitelisted?

Information is coming very soon. Stay tuned to our social media platforms. The video will be posted on our YouTube channel.

18. When is the launch?

To be announced on our Site https://galactixzone.io

19. What kind of game do you plan to develop?

First, the game must meet a few criteria: it must be fun, simple, engaging, and innovative. It will be a side-scrolling action/adventure platformer with a wallet integration.


The game will be available on multiple platforms, depending on the market and distribution channel. The game will be mobile/web/downloadable, and control will be platform dependent. A standard controller can be used for download/web, and mobile/tablet will be a touch control preferred option with traditional control.


This game is unique in the market because it is the first dynamic NFT game. While we can’t share too many specifics, what we can say is that the game mechanics and interactions between the characters in the game, as well as its metadata, will interact with dNFT on the wallet. This can include abilities, weapons, and other game character-specific characteristics. The key emphasis here is that the dNFT is a living and breathing entity in our project’s gaming platform.


Our priority since the beginning of the project has been to ensure that the project dNFT retains its value and that users continue to use their dNFT with all our future project. We can’t wait to see the joy on our early adopters’ faces when they are able to use what they have in their wallet and place their character in a new environment from a different game in the ecosystem than it was originally for.

20. Can you play a game on the computer or mobile phone (or both)?

We will be looking into multiple platforms/mobile that’s the advantage of using a specific engine like Unity. We can build the game once and launch on multiple platforms without redoing the code.

21. How to insert or put NFT/dNFT into a game?

Users will be able to connect their wallets to the game using either WalletConnect or Metamask. The dNFT from your wallet will load into the game seamlessly.

22. Any exchanges listing after launch?

We are looking into it.

23. Can I upgrade dNFT when I play a game? And, can it be put into the marketplace?

dNFT users can play with upgrades in the game. But to make it permanent, the user must run the upgrade mint process on the blockchain at the end of a stage to process the upgrade on the blockchain. The user must pay the gas fee.


We will do our best to provide the most convenient method for our users. (Please keep in mind that these processes are subject to change.)

24. Can dNFT be upgraded when playing the game? For example, if a user has a normal dNFT and puts it into a game to train for a while. After some time, will my dNFT be upgraded to a higher level?

First, it’s not the amount of time, it depends on the goal, quest, and stage user have passed in addition to the enemies you have killed. If a user is successful in the game, then the user character will get the upgrade it acquired in the game and the user must mint to make it permanent.


25. Can dNFT be sold for a high price?

Yes. The market dictates the price when it comes to selling.

26. What is the role of GXZ in the dNFT’s project?

GXZ utility will evolve as the need arises. We are not locked to a specific utility.

27. Will the game/dNFT be a hit like BTC when it was first created?

It will take the team and community to demonstrate to the world what makes this project unique. We would love for that to happen to the project.