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The GXZ Ecosystem Offers a Range of Utilities
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The Galactix Zone (GXZ) ecosystem gives its holders and users a variety of benefits, with a focus on maximizing rewards, making it easier for communities to interact, and driving innovation in the blockchain and non-fungible token (NFT) spaces.


  1. LaunchPad: GXZ offers the LaunchPad platform for new projects to launch their offerings with a Whitelist opportunity for early adopters. This program allows for a lock-up period of one year to six months.
  2. GXZ Holder Rewards: The GXZ ecosystem provides its holders with rewards based on the length of time they hold GXZ.
  3. ICO Launchpad Discounts: Projects that use the GXZ ICO launchpad receive discounts on their listing fees.
  4. Social Connections: GXZ holders have access to a network of social media connections within the ecosystem.
  5. Social Media Influencer Rewards: GXZ holders who are social media influencers can earn rewards through the ecosystem.
  6. Global Funds for Charity: The GXZ ecosystem operates a DAO that allows holders to vote on suggestions for charitable donations from a global fund.
  7. Token Distribution and Vesting Platform: Our platform offers a secure and efficient solution for token distribution, depositing, and vesting. Users can seamlessly manage the distribution of tokens, ensuring a fair and transparent process. Additionally, our vesting functionality enables controlled release of tokens over a specified period, providing flexibility and stability for token holders. With our user-friendly interface and robust security measures, we empower users to effortlessly handle their token distributions and vesting arrangements with confidence.
  8. The Earn and Burn Dapp is a platform designed to provide users with opportunities to earn rewards and benefits by engaging in specific activities or actions. The concept revolves around a process where users can accumulate tokens or other digital assets through various activities, such as completing specific tasks or engaging with the platform. Once users have earned these tokens, a percentage will be burned, while the remaining percentage will be allocated to the user. The Earn and Burn Dapp aims to incentivize user engagement and provide added value to the community. It encourages users to actively participate, contribute, and earn rewards based on their involvement. The burning aspect adds an additional layer of utility to the earned tokens, ensuring that users can benefit from their efforts. Overall, the Earn and Burn Dapp creates a mutually beneficial ecosystem where users can earn rewards for their contributions and utilize those rewards to access exclusive features or benefits within the platform. It fosters engagement, loyalty, and a sense of ownership among users while enhancing the overall user experience.

Future Project Development

Galactix Zone sdNFT: GXZ is developing a new NFT game, ecosystem, and cross-chain platform. The GXZ ecosystem offers a range of utilities and future projects aimed at fostering a thriving community and driving innovation in the blockchain and NFT spaces. By leveraging the benefits of GXZ, users and holders can reap rewards, connect with others, and drive positive change.
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