Galactix Zone - GXZ V2

Galactix Zone GXZ V2 Token Address 0x3e573d37795b35faC65686bC67bb7F0De0093FAE

The Galactix Zone (GXZ) ecosystem gives its holders and users a variety of benefits, with a focus on maximizing rewards, making it easier for communities to interact, and driving innovation in the blockchain and non-fungible token (NFT) spaces.


1. LaunchPad: GXZ offers the LaunchPad platform for new projects to launch their offerings with a Whitelist opportunity for early adopters. This program allows for a lock-up period of one year to six months.

2. GXZ Holder Rewards: The GXZ ecosystem provides its holders with rewards based on the length of time they hold GXZ.

3. ICO Launchpad Discounts: Projects that use the GXZ ICO launchpad receive discounts on their listing fees.

4. Social Connections: GXZ holders have access to a network of social media connections within the ecosystem.

5. Social Media Influencer Rewards: GXZ holders who are social media influencers can earn rewards through the ecosystem.

6. Global Funds for Charity: The GXZ ecosystem operates a DAO that allows holders to vote on suggestions for charitable donations from a global fund.

7. Token Distribution and Vesting Platform: Our platform offers a secure and efficient solution for token distribution, depositing, and vesting. Users can seamlessly manage the distribution of tokens, ensuring a fair and transparent process. Additionally, our vesting functionality enables controlled release of tokens over a specified period, providing flexibility and stability for token holders. With our user-friendly interface and robust security measures, we empower users to effortlessly handle their token distributions and vesting arrangements with confidence.

Future Project Development

Galactix Zone sdNFT: GXZ is developing a new NFT game, ecosystem, and cross-chain platform.

The GXZ ecosystem offers a range of utilities and future projects aimed at fostering a thriving community and driving innovation in the blockchain and NFT spaces. By leveraging the benefits of GXZ, users and holders can reap rewards, connect with others, and drive positive change.