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The GXZ Ecosystem Offers a Range of Utilities
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Tri-Spectrum Ecosystem

In our ecosystem, the GXZ Token serves as the fuel that powers all future Dapps, sdNFT platforms, and the sdNFT Marketplace. Our patent-pending sdNFT Engine creates a complete and unique ecosystem by leveraging the synergy of our three smart contracts.
1. The GXZ Token: This versatile token is used for all transactions within our projects. Additionally, we will be deploying two Dapps after launch: the GXZ Token Lock, which provides secure token storage, and the Earn to Burn Dapp, which offers a rewarding mechanism for token holders. Through the Earn to Burn Dapp, users can actively participate and contribute to the burning of a percentage of our token supply, creating a deflationary effect that benefits all token holders.
2. The sdNFT Contract: With this contract, users have the flexibility to customize their sdNFTs using our app or organically within gameplay. These sdNFTs can be utilized in both our first-party projects and third-party projects that align with our guidelines.
3. The Key Contract: The final piece of our ecosystem is the Key contract. This innovative feature enables unsold sdNFTs to be transferred to the Cosmic Void, where they can be rescued by Key holders. This creates an exciting opportunity for Key holders to discover and acquire unique sdNFTs that would otherwise be inaccessible.
By seamlessly integrating these three smart contracts, we have built a robust ecosystem that empowers users to engage with our projects, create personalized sdNFTs, participate in the rescue of sdNFTs from the Cosmic Void, and contribute to the deflationary mechanism through the Earn to Burn Dapp.
Join us on this extraordinary journey as we redefine the possibilities of digital assets, foster a vibrant community, and unlock the full potential of the Galactix Zone ecosystem. Together, we will shape the future of decentralized finance and NFT innovation.

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