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Maha Avian – GMA Key

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Galactix Zone Maha Avian sdNFT Key is a special key that allows players to participate in the rescue of unminted sdNFTs from Cosmic Void.

  • The unminted sdNFTs will be moved to Cosmic Void to be rescued by players.
  • To participate in the rescue, you must purchase the sdNFT Key during the GXZ token launch.
  • One Avian sdNFT will be unlocked each month, and a 12% fee will be charged based on the launch price. Free sdNFT rescue is only available for the initial project.
  • For new projects, a fee for rescue will be announced later, with an 8% royalty.
  • The sdNFT Key will be sold during the sdNFT whitelist for a starting price of $1,300.00 BUSD, and there will be a supply of 400 keys.
  • Unsold sdNFTs from WL, Presale 1, and Presale 2 will be moved to Cosmic Void. 50% of these will be available for rescue by players with an NFT Key, and the remaining 50% will be sold on the open market/platform.

Additional Information


Please keep in mind that some of this information may be subject to change.


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