Meet the core team

John Nguyen


John Nguyen is a successful entrepreneur with business ventures in retail, real estate and cryptos. A few years ago, he began researching Crypto and NFT’s and saw vast opportunities for utilization of these assets. However, after becoming disappointed with the unethical behavior of some of these crypto and NFT’s, he decided to start a new NFT project that could restore trust and renew interest in the crypto community. To accomplish this, he brought his friend Phea Ram to collaborate for this new dNFT project. Over the last two years, countless hours have been spent putting together the plan and vision of what Galactix Zone (GZ) will become and both are extremely excited about the future! In his limited spare time, he loves racing and tinkering with cars.

Phea Ram


Phea is no newcomer to crypto but sat on the sidelines in the early days of the bitcoin craze. It was not until late 2018 that he fully jumped into crypto. From learning basic blockchain to tokens and contracts, Phea delved deep into the subject. Of course, he has seen his fair share of rug pulls in a few projects but considers it part of the learning process in crypto. However, when Phea broached the subject about developing an NFT project specifically dynamic NFT (dNFT) John didn’t hesitate to put their goals and concepts together. Phea took this as an opportunity to make improvements from a technical point of view but to also provide utility. That’s how the birth of GZ and the birth of Intergalactic Social Media, LLC started, by combining dNFT with a retrogamer-style based 2D platform. Phea hopes to combine blockchain tech with the traditional platform genre to create a totally unique gaming experience.

Mr. X

IP Artist

The mysterious artist and designer behind the design of GZ is Mr. X. In his spare time, he enjoys drawing, playing games, and watching movies in his underground lair.

Meet the advisors

Michal Pomykala

Blockchain Advisor

Blockchain, tokenomics expert, web developer, and crypto trader, with 8 years of blockchain experience, and executive experience at Tenset. Currently CTO of CleanCarbon project.

George Yesbeck

Finance Advisor

Is an entrepreneur and community leader with vast knowledge in the exterior home design. He is an advisor for his church and routinely donates his spare time in performing community activities.

Jesus Cabrera

dNFTs Advisor

Worked at a Fortune 500 company, for 31 years where he held numerous management positions. He was the Principal Architect for the development of a relationship management application as well as a contract management application which was used by the field sales force. In his free time, he enjoys drawing and painting as well as researching stocks and crypto.

Meet the advisors

Michael North

Social Media Mod Director

Michael has been in the technology space for over 25+ years and has been through a wide array of careers such as software and development support, customer relations, database management, project management, director of various technical support organizations, specialization in Marketing Automation Platforms and CRM Administrations such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, and Microsoft Dynamics. Team building through projects or software is a passion of his as the journey and result of a product that produces positive outcomes for the team and others is always worth thriving for.

Glen L. Fox

Finance Analyst Advisor

Glen L. Fox has in excess of forty-five years of experience in senior management positions and served as Chief Executive Officer of Insight Physicians and Greater Virginia Medical Group and as Treasurer for Family Counseling Center for Recovery, Richmond, Virginia. Fox was a founding partner and successfully negotiated the sale of two of these companies to national providers. Mr. Fox has also held senior financial positions including Division Chief Financial Officer for two national hospital companies and is a highly regarded consultant within the healthcare space as well as other industries. He received his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Alabama. Mr. Fox has also served the communities as a twenty-plus-year member of the United Way Greater Richmond Finance Committee, Board Member for Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN), and Board Member for SAFCU.

Kevin Sprenger

IP Advisor

Kevin Sprenger is a registered patent agent with a technical background in electrical engineering. He has over fifteen years of intellectual property experience working with technology entrepreneurs and companies to develop and protect their IP portfolios.

Meet the advisors


PR Advisor

MT brings forth over 30 years of experience in editing, writing, and marketing and communications knowledge. Experience includes proficiency at managing a diverse range of internal and external stakeholders across both private and government sectors while maintaining knowledge of industry best practices.



Pedro is a blockchain enthusiast with 16 years of experience as web developer and extensive email and online marketing knowledge