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Exciting News! After a meeting with our CEO, Galactix Zone is thrilled to announce that we will be airdropping $100,000 worth of our utility-based GXZ token to active participants!
To qualify for this amazing opportunity, all you have to do is:
✅ Join our Telegram community
✅ Follow us on Twitter
✅ Engage with us on our social media platforms and AMAs
By completing our forum below, you’ll be entered in for the airdrop if you qualify! Don’t miss out on this chance to be a part of the Galactix Zone revolution!

We need this to ensure that each person gives only one address. We may ask you to verify your registration further.
Your Team.
We need this to ensure that each person gives only one username. We may ask you to verify your registration further.
We need this to ensure that each person gives only one username. We may ask you to verify your registration further.
We need this to ensure that each person gives only one address. We may ask you to verify your registration further.

Introducing the Galactic Zone Presale Contest!
🚀 Blast off into a new dimension of excitement! 🚀
Attention all space explorers and adventure seekers! The Galactic Zone is opening its doors to an exclusive presale event, and you won’t want to miss it. Brace yourself for an out-of-this-world experience that’s truly beyond imagination!

🌌For the next 30 days starting now until July 15th, EVERY DAY the FIRST 100 purchasers to spend $200 BUSD or more will receive a stellar $40 extra GXZ AIRDROP for an epic Air drop! 🌌
Our cosmic journey doesn’t end there. We believe in rewarding our pioneers for their loyalty and trust. The lucky first 100 purchasers will receive their Air drop in two parts. The first 50% will be delivered just 7 days after our official launch, igniting your excitement. And then, like a shooting star, the final 50% will grace your cosmic wallets the following week, ensuring your celestial adventures are boundless!
🌟 Join the Galactix Zone Presale and embark on an interstellar voyage today! 🌟
Why wait? Secure your place among the stars and be part of the most exhilarating presale campaign of the millennium. Here’s how to join:
1️⃣ Visit our website at and discover the boundless wonders that await you.
2️⃣ Select the App and Purchase GXZ Token
3️⃣ When your total reaches $200 BUSD or more, get ready to witness the magic unfold!
But remember, for the next 30 days EVERYDAY until July 15th the first 100 purchasers will receive the incredible $40 GXZ Air drop who spend $200 BUSD or more. So hurry, set your trajectory, and ensure you’re at the forefront of this historic event!
🪐 The countdown has begun. Secure your spot among the galaxy’s elite. Join the Galactic Zone Presale now! 🪐
Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to launch into the cosmos of excitement. We can’t wait to see you at the Galactic Zone, where the stars align and dreams come true!
🌌 Galactix Zone: Where imagination knows no bounds. 🌌

We are excited to host a special airdrop! The event will give away a total of 1,000 CAPs FCFS and airdrop 30,000 $GXZ to all participants.
Join here:

📣Event Period: June 6th, 2023 17:00 – July 15th, 2023 17:00 (UTC+7)
🪄Prize Pool:
🔺The first 1,000 eligible participants can get a CAP each with 0 gas fee. First come first serve!
🔺 Airdrop 30,000 $GXZ token for all eligible users
🔺Each eligible participant will get 10 EXP.
Don’t miss this opportunity! To be eligible for the big reward, follow the rules.

Introducing the Galactix Zone Rescue Campaign: The Maha Avian Key Unveiled! Secure your Key now for only $1300.00 before it’s too late or the price changes!

Attention, galactic explorers and collectors! This is an urgent announcement for a limited-time opportunity. We present to you the Maha Avian Key, also known as the Founders Key—a powerful artifact that rescues unsold sdNFT from the clutches of the Entity and saves them from the dreaded Cosmic Void.

Join our time-sensitive and thrilling adventure in the Galactix Zone Rescue Campaign. We have a limited supply of 400 Maha Avian Keys available, so act quickly! Grab your Key now for the low price of $1300.00 before it’s sold out or the price changes.
Here’s what you need to know:
1. The Maha Avian Key: A Rare and Essential Artifact This extraordinary Key represents the unity of the cosmos and embodies the spirit of exploration. Only a select few will possess this prestigious artifact. Don’t miss your chance to become a distinguished guardian of our unsold sdNFT.
2. The Entity Threat: Time is Running Out! The Entity, a menacing cosmic entity, seeks to devour unsold sdNFT, consigning them to the eternal abyss of the Cosmic Void. But fear not! The Maha Avian Key empowers you to confront this imminent danger and rescue these invaluable artworks.
3. Rescuing the sdNFT Treasures: Every Second Counts! Activate your Maha Avian Key now to gain exclusive access to the thrilling rescue mission. Venture into the treacherous Galactix Zone, a realm brimming with challenges and mysteries. Time is of the essence as you locate and liberate over 3000 trapped sdNFT treasures.
4. Claim Your Treasure: Unbeatable Value! With each activation, you secure one random drop a month from the rescued collection of over 3000 sdNFT. These highly coveted treasures can be yours at an unbeatable discount. Act swiftly to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.
5. The Community of Maha Avian Key Holders: Join the Elite! As a holder of the Maha Avian Key, you become part of an exclusive community of passionate collectors and guardians. Collaborate, connect, and share your triumphant rescues with fellow key holders in our dynamic social spaces. Together, we will celebrate the rescue of these extraordinary sdNFT and safeguard their legacy for generations to come.

Time is running out! Don’t hesitate or you may miss your chance to become a cosmic hero and unlock the secrets of the Maha Avian Key. Join the Galactix Zone Rescue Campaign NOW and secure your place in history. Act fast, as the fate of our unsold sdNFT treasures depends on you!