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Galactix Zone - Kalpa Avian

sdNFT Kalpa Avian (GKA)

In an alternate universe the earth dinosaurs did not perish, and the earth did not get hit by the asteroid and was not afflicted by massive volcanoes across the planet that affected the atmosphere. They evolved into humanoid forms and after millions of years they became a space faring being.

Five species are known to have reached cosmic level beings and decided to leave and explore the galaxies and travel to different universes in search of knowledge of the vast multiverse. In this universe, beings have reached cosmic level, planetary, type 0-1 and type II.

In present day alternate earth, there are three species of Avian. Adelio Avian species is the most diverse population. The Kinga Species of Avian specializes in science and technology. Empa is the muscle for the job and does not lack the brain when needed. For millions of years all they have known is peace, which is about to end. Recently there has been an anomaly causing intermittent interference with communication. The Kinga scientist have managed to pinpoint the source of the disturbance.

To solve the mystery, for the first time Avian will be sending their volunteers to solve the mystery. Without hesitation, all Avian from all class volunteered to join and help solve the mystery.

In this journey Avian will be teleported to regions near the anomaly. As a reward for volunteering, they will gain new abilities and unlock their full potential along their journey.

Volunteers will need every advantage they can get along the way to solve the mystery. The clue to solving the mystery lies in the journey to the eight planets. Who will be the first to solve the mystery?

Nature Planets – Will contain 4 amulets:

  • Otaka
  • Ramous
  • Centaurs
  • Chiron – (Planetary Mass) Earth like Super Planet

Sources of Disorders Negative Energy Planets – Which one will lead to the source of the anomaly?

  • Arion
  • Python
  • Balius
  • Minerva