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Project Mirror

Project Mirror

Introducing Project Mirror, the game-changing platform that will revolutionize the digital card industry. Get ready for a new era where traditional paper cards and static NFTs are left behind, as we introduce the innovative concept of sdNFTs. With sdNFTs, users can mint dynamic cards that offer unprecedented functionality, direct access to holders, and real-time tracking capabilities.

Early Access gives you direct access to the Galactix Zone team to help shape these projects during the alpha and beta phases.

To participate in the launch of Project Mirror, here are the three key requirements.
  1. Whitelist and Presale Opportunity: Secure your exclusive spot by joining the Whitelist and Presale of the Galactix Zone Token. This limited opportunity grants you early access to the platform's features and benefits, ensuring you're at the forefront of the digital card revolution.
  2. Token Holding Requirement: To be eligible for early access and special privileges, a minimum holding of 23,000 GXZ tokens is required. This token threshold guarantees a committed and engaged community that will shape the success of Project Mirror.
  3. Early Access and Discounted sdNFT Minting: As a GXZ token holder meeting the minimum requirement, you gain access to the platform's features before the general public. Additionally, you will enjoy a discounted rate to mint your own sdNFTs, establishing your stake in the platform's thriving ecosystem.
Benefits of Project Mirror

Project Mirror goes beyond mere explanation. The platform empowers users to mint sdNFT cards that can track their activity and provide direct access to holders. No longer will you wonder if your card is being used or discarded like traditional paper cards. The interactive nature of sdNFT cards opens up a world of possibilities, where engagement is rewarded, and businesses can send direct advertisements and offer enticing rewards.

Minters can foster a vibrant community and drive client engagement, an unprecedented feat for traditional paper cards or static NFTs. Additionally, sdNFT cards can be minted with special rewards for referrals, enabling limitless engagement opportunities tailored to the minters’ desires. As an exciting idea, minting Coupons packs can provide GXZ holders with early access and more.
The minting process for sdNFT cards requires the use of the Galactix Zone GXZ token, further enhancing the platform’s unified ecosystem and incentivizing active participation.
Prepare yourself for the extraordinary journey of Project Mirror. Stay tuned for updates and instructions on how to secure your spot in this groundbreaking platform. Together, let’s unlock a new dimension of digital cards, where engagement, innovation, and community thrive, setting the stage for a future like no other.

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