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Soon we will roll out details about Galactix Zone, the new, bold, innovative NFT game. GXZ differs from other NFT projects because it is utility-driven and focused on our community. At GXZ, we believe we live in a dynamic world, so why be static like other NFTs? We redefined the industry with our patent-pending, innovative technology.

Galactix Zone GXZ Token Public Whitelist

Get ready to mark your calendars because we've got some electrifying news to share! Galactix Zone is beyond thrilled to announce that the registration for our Public Whitelist for our token will be opening before the end of May! Our dedicated team has been burning the midnight oil to ensure that our innovative NFT project and ecosystem is accessible to all as soon as possible. Our mission is to provide ample opportunity for everyone to participate and become an integral part of this ground-breaking platform. We are incredibly grateful for your unwavering support and interest in Galactix Zone - stay tuned for more updates and get ready to join us on this exciting journey!

The Avian

Avian species with the most diverse population.

Empa is the muscle and doesn’t lack the brain when needed either.

The Kinga Species of Avian specializes in science and technology.

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