Galactix Zone Tokenomics

Tokenomics Distribution

Tokenomics Distribution Galactix Zone's NFT gaming platform is built on a unique tokenomics model designed to reward both players and investors. The platform's native token, GZ, will be used as the in-game currency and will have a fixed supply of 750 million tokens. Of the total supply, 22% will be allocated through the whitelist and presale, with a vesting period. Whitelist 5% at launch and 5% each week for 9 weeks. On the 11th week, allocate 25%, and on the 12th week, allocate another 25%. For the Presale 1, distribute 30% at launch and the remaining 10% each month. For the Presale 2, distribute 40% initially and the remaining 10% each month. Finally, for the Presale 3, allocate 50% initially and the remaining 10% each month., 53.33% will be allocated to the CEX/DEX/LP networks, 11% towards the team, 8% towards marketing, 5% for VC, and 1% for charity. Transparency and fairness are at the core of Galactix Zone's project. Since the platform is built on a blockchain, all transactions and movements of funds are traceable to the user, ensuring a transparent and tamper-proof record of all financial activities. The team is committed to being as transparent as possible with the community, providing regular updates on the platform's development, financials, and community initiatives. Furthermore, the team has taken measures to ensure that no single entity has too much control over the token's supply or price, promoting fairness and stability within the ecosystem.