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Get ready to mark your calendars because we've got some electrifying news to share! Galactix Zone is beyond thrilled to announce that the registration for our Public Whitelist for our token will be opening before the end of May! Our dedicated team has been burning the midnight oil to ensure that our innovative NFT project and ecosystem is accessible to all as soon as possible. Our mission is to provide ample opportunity for everyone to participate and become an integral part of this ground-breaking platform. We are incredibly grateful for your unwavering support and interest in Galactix Zone - stay tuned for more updates and get ready to join us on this exciting journey!

Galactix Zone Charity Challenge - Reward $5,925,000

The Galactix Zone team is temporarily suspending the presale to upgrade to V2. An announcement for the relaunch date is coming soon. All transactions from the Whitelist and Presale purchase phases will be migrated to V2.

Still in Progress:

1. SdNFT Presale

2. NFT Key

3. Galactix Zone Charity Challenge

Galactix Zone Charity Challenge Contest Rules

1. Eligibility: This contest is open to all individuals who are 18 years of age or older at the time of entry. Employees of Galactix Zone and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate.

2. How to Enter: To enter the contest, you must create a video about the Galactix Zone project and our patent-pending sdNFT, and submit it to our contest through YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram. You may use content from our YouTube channel and website in your video, but all videos must be original creations. You must also submit a list of non-profits you want us to donate to on your behalf. The selected non-profits must have a crypto wallet to receive the funds and they will be vetted by the Galactix Zone team.

3. Prize: The prize for this contest is 1% of the total supply of Galactix Zone tokens or 7.5 million GXZ. This amount will be donated to the selected non-profits on behalf of the winners.

4. Winner Selection: Once the token GXZ price hits $.79 the competition will end and the four (4) winners will be announced within 14 days for the $5,925,000 Galactix Zone Charity Challenge. Finalists will be selected based on the creativity, originality, and viral potential of their videos, as well as the relevance of their chosen non-profits to the Galactix Zone project. The judge’s decisions are final and binding.

5. Notification: Finalists will be notified via email within 14 days of the contest closing date. If a finalist cannot be contacted or does not respond within 14 days of notification, their spot in the challenge may be forfeited and an alternate finalist will be selected.

6. General: By entering this contest, you agree to be bound by these rules and the decisions of the judging. Galactix Zone reserves the right to disqualify any entrant who violates these rules or who engages in any inappropriate or unsupportive behavior. Galactix Zone also reserves the right to modify or cancel the contest at any time without notice.



Galactix Zone is holding a charity challenge in which 1% of its total supply (or 7.5 million GXZ) will be given to selected charities.

To participate, create a video (or multiple videos) about the Galactix Zone project, including our patent-pending sdNFT, and submit it to our contest through: YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram. You can use content from our YouTube channel and website in your video. Make your video go viral by demonstrating your ability to gather support for your submission.

To qualify, you must also submit a list of non-profits you want us to donate to on your behalf. The non-profits will be vetted for legitimacy, honesty, a true charity, and they must have a crypto wallet to receive the funds. Note: For multiple videos, each video entry must be submitted in order to qualify.

Once the GXZ price hits $.79, We will choose four (4) winners within 14 days of the price goal. There are three (3) categories for participants to choose from to represent where the charity will go to: United States, Vietnam, and International.

Check our whitepaper for more details:

Contest Start: 1/9/2023
Contest End: When GXZ Price at $0.79

To Enter, send an email with the following information:


Please choose 1 category for your subject line only!!!

1. Subject 1: Galactix Zone Charity Challenge US – Reward $5,925,000

Subject 2: Galactix Zone Charity Challenge
Vietnam – Reward $5,925,000

Subject 3: Galactix Zone Charity Challenge
International – Reward $5,925,000

2. Link to your video: Can be multiple videos

3. Name of Nonprofit: Can be more than one.

Reward Distribution:
US $1,481,250 – To Group or Individual $74,065.5 To Charity $1,407,187.5
Vietnam $1,481,250 – To Group or Individual $74,065.5 To Charity $1,407,187.5
International $1,481,250 – To Group or Individual $74,065.5 To Charity $1,407,187.5
International $1,481,250 – To Group or Individual $74,065.5 To Charity $1,407,187.5
Charity Vesting 12 Months 8.33% will release monthly only when the price is above $0.79

Galactix Zone Token Address

Galactix Zone Token GXZ Address 0xddf364A9432035BF1Cac6F4253e0eEd7c6ADa126

Galactix Zone sdNFT Kalpa Avian GKA Address 0x241C4558862a101dd3642E3Eb31252b3825a4928

Galactix Zone NFT Key Maha Avian  GMA Address 0x5D0cC2eC71A775029988d4789EE4396F8ea0930e