Maha Avian - GMA

NFT Key GMA Token Address 0x5D0cC2eC71A775029988d4789EE4396F8ea0930e

Galactix Zone Maha Avian sdNFT Key is a special key that allows players to participate in the rescue of unminted sdNFTs from Cosmic Void. 

1. The unminted sdNFTs will be moved to Cosmic Void to be rescued by players.

2. To participate in the rescue, you must purchase the sdNFT Key during the GXZ token launch.

3. One Avian sdNFT will be unlocked each month, and a 12% fee will be charged based on the launch price. Free sdNFT rescue is only available for the initial project.

4. For new projects, a fee for rescue will be announced later, with an 8% royalty.

5. The sdNFT Key will be sold during the sdNFT whitelist for a starting price of $1,300.00 BUSD, and there will be a supply of 400 keys.

6. Unsold sdNFTs from WL, Presale 1, and Presale 2 will be moved to Cosmic Void. 50% of these will be available for rescue by players with an NFT Key, and the remaining 50% will be sold on the open market/platform.

Please keep in mind that some of this information may be subject to change.